Blinds Repairs

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Never annoy if your blinds or shades get stuck

Repairing and mending window casings – blinds and shades can be complex, but BEST HOME DECOR team has experts proficient in making sure your windows are intact and elegant as ever. Our blinds restoration team is not only committed and knowledgeable, but driven by passion towards ‘Giving the best’. Experienced and responsive to a query, you can be absolutely comfortable with our crew to place your expectations, and they would execute their best.

Can somebody restore the disoriented blinds drum?

Mostly, blinds go wrong with the barrels. It works from the top of the blind to hold them organized. The Barrels are made of thin plastic intended for flexible movement of the blinds. These round drums are prone to normal tear and wear over time and gets brittle. Barrels of inferior quality break easily with lesser endurance. When the drums malfunctions, it disrupts the cords that hold the blind organized are set free and it swings funny from the top. Blinds barrel can be restored quickly and it is affordable.

Slats play the magic tilt, but hold them dear

You are absolutely at ease to see the exterior or enjoy your privacy, as the slats of your blinds tilt to your desire. Slats are functional flat pieces that are fixed horizontally to a frame. These slender planks give way to natural damage- due to water, chipping, twisted and also gnawed by pests. BEST HOME DECOR  Blinds repairs team can be at rescue to work as per your requirement.

We have the facility to replace single slats, and slip in the new ones to refresh your blinds.  The cost of Blinds repairs in Coimbatore will differ on the dimension and quantity of slats.

New affordable ladder strings for your blinds

Ladder strings rotates back and forth from the top moving the blinds up and down. The ladder string is the maintenance master for slats in a blind. If a ladder string is disconcerting, it is due to wearing out. As the blind recurrently rotates back and forth, it is not a surprising event. Ladder problem comes under the technical part of repairs, but we can handle it with absolute ease. Your world cannot fall apart anymore.

Why should you opt BEST HOME DECOR expert Blinds Repairs team?

Blind installation, restoration, and sales team at BEST HOME DECOR, comprises of experts in window treatment. Focused on quality products and services, we offer the right estimate for window repair, and then our mobile repair team visits the home or office to complete the task. Most repairs are completed in one visit. We add our follow-up appointments with our service.

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